April Tournament
1st Place goes to the Team of  Pugh and Jeremy Pugh with a total weight of 8.61LBS on 3 fish.

2nd Place went to the Team of Keith Byrnes and Andy Cook with a total weight of  6.66lbs on 3 fish.

3rd Place went to the Team of Danny and Dennis Ehmke with a total weight of 6.11lbs on 2 fish.

4th Place went to the Team of Nathan Portell and Jason Papek with a total weight of 5.23lbs on 2 fish.

Congratulations goes out to these teams!!!
April Tournament
Big Bass
Congratulations to Jeremy Pugh for his 4.90lb Bass, which took 1st Big Bass in the April Tournament at Lake of the Ozarks.
Congratulations to Danny Ehmke for his 3.78lb Bass, which took 2nd Big Bass in the April Tournament at Lake of the Ozarks.

2013 Pts Champions!!!!
 Congratulations to the Team of Jason Murphy and Kevin Frazier for their 3rd consecutive Points Championship! Congrats also goes out to Nathan Portell who won Big Bass of the Year for 2013!!!

 We would like to announce a New Club Sponsor this year, we thank Sea Grant for the cozy cups and the signage. Please click on the logo below to visit their site and see all the interesting information there.

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